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Clinic Management system

Clinic management system by Odoo is an ultimate clinic management solution that will help you in providing the optimum patient experience in your clinics.

IT Zain team will help you to automate your clinics' workflows to provide better valuable patient experience and avoid the management errors by humans intervention. We will digitalize all your patients' data to make data retrieval easy, secured, and efficient by multiple users anytime anywhere.

Clinic Management System

Effectively schedule and manage all clinic registrations with the integration of patient portals, finance, and all required systems

Easily creating and managing appointments for patients associated with their patient portals, Nursing Plan, and Discharge Plan

Every registered patient will have a unique ID number and profile to associate all previous medical history and treatment journey with all medical details such as prescriptions, special cases, previous doctors, next appointments as well as insurance and financial details.

Easily create and manage lab test requests and quickly reach the results with the integration of the financial system and patient portal system.

Accurate management for all finance details with intelligent automation of the financial processes to avoid mistakes and inaccurate invoices and to fast generate intensive detailed invoices.

Up to date inventory reports of the available inventory with customized alerts for shortages and expired items.

Manage your users' security level and limit their permissions according to their positions to securely manage patient and clinics data and information.

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